Swopper Custom Edition

Swopper Custom Edition Swopper Custom Edition Swopper Custom Edition


Swopper Custom Edition

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Product Description

The Swopper Chair is suitable for anywhere in your home or office. Use the Swopper anywhere you sit.
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Health Benefits

- Improves posture and stabilization of the spine.

- Provides relief for back pain.

- Strengthens and conditions muscles of the back and abdomen.

- Improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral disc.

- Improves circulation to the lower extremities.

- Assists lymphatic flow

- Provides a fun energized experience while seated.

The Swopper Chair has 3 adjustments to customize to your personal requirements:

Height Adjustment - from 22" up to 27.5"

Spring Tension Adjustment

Lateral Motion Adjustment - allows an increase or decrease of the range of motion side to side and forwards to backwards