Luxo Air LED Task Light

Luxo Air LED Task Light Luxo Air LED Task Light Luxo Air LED Task Light


Luxo Air LED Task Light

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Product Description

Air LED - NOW WITH LOWER WATTAGE AND INCREASED LIGHT LEVELS! Air provides first class illumination for the modern office. Using the latest LED technology Air LED emits warm asymmetric light just where it is needed most while consuming only 6 Watts of power. With its 25 year lamp life you may never have to change a lamp again.
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State of the art Light Emitting Diodes and precision optics ensure uniform and glare free illumination across the work surface. A proprietary LED-driver automatically adjusts for power fluctuations, thus preventing peak currents from harming the system. It also optimizes the lifetime of the LEDs by adjusting for hot environments.

Technical Description

- Lamp: 6.5W Dimmable LEDs (4x1.6W)
- Total energy consumed: 8W
- Arm length: 23.6 in. (600 mm)
- Available with edge clamp mount
- Colors: Aluminum Gray, Black

PIR Sensor

Luxo's new PIR sensor enhances control and energy savings. By detecting infrared rays emitted by the human body, the sensor automatically turns a task light off when the user has been away from the workspace for a brief time. This quick-connect accessory can be used with any Luxo LED arm-based task light.

Technical Description

-Operating voltage - DC 5V - 25V
-Output voltage - Equal to input voltage
-Load current - <3A
-Static power loss - ≤50u
-Delay time - Adjustable from 2 seconds - 6 minutes (15 seconds is the default setting)
-Product dimensions - 1.89in. x .98in. x .55in.