Luxo System 250 Binocular Microscope

Luxo System 250 Binocular Microscope


Luxo System 250 Binocular Microscope

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Product Description

Binocular Stereo-Zoom Microscope with single boomstand and sturdy and heavy duty and cast aluminum alloy housing that rotates 360 degrees in its focus mount.
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Models are standard with 10X widefield eyepieces and have a zoom range from .65X to 4.5 giving them a magnification range of 6.5X - 45X. The zoom control is by graduated knobs on the sides of the body. The extended magnification range is from 3.25X to 225X when using optional eyepieces and accessory lenses.

A solution for every application
Luxo microscopes feature high-quality achromatic lenses with anti-reflective coatings for superior visual clarity. Optional eyepieces and accessory objective lenses can be added to provide a wider range of magnification. A choice of lightsources and mounting options enable the product set-up best suited for each individual application. Digital imaging systems are configurable to allow capturing of images to catalog or share inspection results and observations, for archiving or communicating electronically. The end result is increased productivity with an easy-to-use product line.

Luxo System 250 Binocular Microscope Features

Technical Description

Body material and color
Die-cast aluminum housing. Electrostatic powder paint.

Single boomstand with 10" x 10", 22.5lb. base. 17.5" vertical extension and 26" horizontal arm extension. Focus mount angles to 45º to permit additional viewing and inspection perspectives.

0.5X Reducing Lens sold separately.

Magnification: 6.5 - 45X

Field-of-view diameter: 31 - 4.5mm

Working distance: 95mm

Magnification with 0.5X reducing lens (accessory): 3.3 -22.5X

Field-of-view diameter with 0.5X reducing lens (accessory): 61.5 - 8.9mm

Working distance with 0.5X reducing lens (accessory): 150mm

17W Fluorescent Ring Light available with select models.

Additional lighting options sold separately