Humanscale 2G Keyboard Tray Arm


Humanscale 2G Keyboard Tray Arm

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Humanscale 2G is the second generation Freedom Arm with independent height and tilt adjustment and unmatched stability. The 2G redefined its category when it was launched in 1999 and today is the worlds best selling articulating keyboard mechanism. The worlds best selling keyboard mechanism the 2G offers independent height and tilt adjustment and excellent stability.
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-Intuitive, knob-free height adjustment (6 1/4" range from 5" below the mount to 1 1/4" above the mount)

-Easy, dial-a-tilt platform tilt adjustment from 0° to -15° for safe keying

-22" track allows the unit to slide fully under the desk for storage, or all the way out for complete access

-Base 360° swivel

-Standard Track Length 21 3/4"

-Track width 5 3/8"

-Alternate Track Lengths 16" and 18"

-End of Track to Beginning of Platform 6"

-Max Depth Below Bottom of Keyboard 1/2"

-Unmatched stability for sure keying and mousing

-Made of steel for strength and durability

-Lifetime Warranty