Humanscale 5G Keyboard Tray Arm


Humanscale 5G Keyboard Tray Arm

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Humanscale 5G adjustable arm mechanism offers all the advantages of the keyboard arm 4G including simple dial a tilt keyboard angle adjustability but it has wider track for more stability. The new state of the art in keyboard technology the 5G combines easy dial a tilt and height adjustability with the strongest arm on the market. The Humanscale 5G is the premier keyboard mechanism from the worldwide leader of articulating keyboard systems.
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-Intuitive, knob-free height adjustment (6 1/4" range from 5" below the mount to 1 1/4" above the mount)

-Easy, dial-a-tilt platform tilt adjustment from 0° to -15° for safe keying

-22" track allows the unit to slide fully under the desk for storage, or all the way out for complete access

-Base 360° swivel

-Standard Track Length 21 3/4"

-Track width 5 3/8"

-Alternate Track Lengths 16" and 18"

-End of Track to Beginning of Platform 6"

-Max Depth Below Bottom of Keyboard 1/2"

-Unmatched stability for sure keying and mousing

-Made of steel for strength and durability

-Lifetime Warranty