Humanscale Neat Links Small NLS

Humanscale Neat Links Small NLS


Humanscale Neat Links Small NLS

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Product Description

Model 17 x 2.6 inch Diameter x 17 inch Length Model 24 x 2.6 inch Diameter x 24 inch Length
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-Sleek, unobtrusive design

-Accommodate power strips, multiple ballasts and a wide array of cables

-Curved, finger-friendly angle at ends of each channel eases routing and ensures visual access

-Reduce clutter and associated hazards

-Facilitate cleaning under desks


-Easy installation with two screws or double-sided tape

-Tape can support 8 lbs. of equipment for 10 years or more

Size options

-Small: 2.6" for cables
-Large: 3.6" for power strips, ballasts

-Small: 17"
-Length: 24"

-Finish options: Silver and Black

-Textured surface hides fingerprints

-Fire-retardant additive reduces fire risk

-15-year, 24/7 warranty