SpaceCo OP35 Optima 3500 Keyboard Platform


SpaceCo OP35 Optima 3500 Keyboard Platform

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- Allows users to easily adjust the height of their keyboard for maximum comfort, productivity and greater ADA compliance
- Tilt indicator shows the angle of the tray as you turn the knob
- Precise adjustments are quick and easy
- Allows keyboard tray to be parallel to the desk even when corner-mounted
- Fully retractable when not in use
- Promotes healthier negative (up to -15°) tilt of keyboard, reduces risk of repetitive stress injury

- Height indicator gauge, patent pending
- Patented dial tilt adjustment
- Ergonomic styling, low profile design
- Patented spring-assisted Lift-n-Lock counter balancing system (no knobs or levers)
- 360° swivel
- Positive tilt lockout
- Dual swivel option