Contour Design Ergo Keyboard Mat


Contour Design Ergo Keyboard Mat

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Product Description

The Ergo Keyboard Mat is designed to support ergonomic keyboards in need of a flat surface with the RollerMouse Pro2. It works well with keyboards such as the Goldtouch as well as other ergonomic keyboards that are designed to fit on a flat surface. This product is an accessory only.
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Perfect for your ergonomic keyboard

Since the release of the RollerMouse Pro2, some users have encountered difficulties fitting ergonomic keyboards on the keyboard lifters. These lifters were designed for the bottom of standard keyboards. With the new RollerMouse Ergo Keyboard Mat, the user is able to use any keyboard in their preferred height and/or angle.

Contour Design Ergo Keyboard Mat Specs

To use the Ergo Keyboard Mat, the ErgoMat just snaps into place as pictured on the right.