SpaceCo WL01ADJL2 WaveLight Slat Wall LED Task Light


SpaceCo WL01ADJL2 WaveLight Slat Wall LED Task Light

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Lighting Specifications
Peak Light Output: (Illumination over 1000 Lux is considered too bright)
- Wave Light peak output 860 Lux with light set 15" (380mm) above desktop
Field of Illumination:
- Wave Light greater than 24" diameter (600mm) diameter
Contrast Ratio: (Rate of decline in Lux per inch from peak)
- Wave Light spectrum declines less than 54 Lux per inch
Light Pooling (Pools of light from multiple LEDs)
- Wave Light patented refractive lens eliminates light pooling
Shadows: (Caused by multiple LEDs)
- Wave Light minimizes shadows
Glare: (From light source when viewed from eye level)
- Wave Light design eliminates glare
Colour Temperature (Ideal is 3400-4000K)
- Wave Light is 3800K
CRI: (Colouring Rendering index) (Ideal 65+)
- Wave Light CRI is 70 Dimmer
- Wave Light has a 3 level dimmer
Luminous Efficacy: 53Im/W
LED Life:
- Wave Light LEDs have a projected life in excess of 50,000 hours at full power

Functional & Quality Specifications
- Double extension counterbalanced arm
- Arm extension: 28" (710mm) from fully folded
- Arm vertical stop (prevents interference with vertical surfaces)
- 2-axis rotation of light head (vertical and horizontal axis)
- Light head can rotate 90° to arm

- Energy Star Compliant
- Electrical Input Power (Watts): High (11.0) Medium (5.8) Low (1.5)
- Post-consumer recycled content used in packaging
- 99% Recyclable
- 8 LEED credits