SpaceCo WL21BT WaveLight 2 Bolt Through LED Task Light


SpaceCo WL21BT WaveLight 2 Bolt Through LED Task Light

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Environmental Design Attributes
Wave Light II
- Steel and aluminum components with powder coat
- Recycled content - 25%
- Recyclable after use - 99% Cardboard Packaging
- Recycled content - 75%
- Recyclable after use - 100% Plastic Packaging
- Low density polyethylene
- Recycled content - 30%
- Recyclable after use - 100%
Wave Light
- Patented refractive lens technology provides greatest distribution of light for consistent lighting
- Ergonomically easy to use, reduces glare and provide proper adjustments for users
- Improves productivity
- Reduces eye strains
- Improved worker comfort
- Technology advanced high performance LEDS
- Helps increase space efficiencies with slim profile design
- Easily adjust and move to store out of the way when not in use
- Reduce ambient light levels by improving task light quality
- No light pooling, no multiple or high contrast shadows
- Helps reduce energy consumption and increase energy savings
- Environmentally friendly
- Helps earn LEED credits
- Five Year Warranty
Technical Specs
Wave Light II
- Peek light output of 80fc
- Area of illumination (80fc-20fc), greater than 2" x 2" (60cm x 60cm)
- Color temperature 3800K
- Color Rendering Index 70
- Luminous efficacy 53 Lm/W
- Life expectancy 50,000 hours
- Automatic Dimming
- Electrical input at full strength 9.39 Watts
- Double extension counterbalanced arm
- Arm extension over 27" (71cm) from fully loaded
- Arm vertical stop
- 2 axis rotation of light head
- Light head can rotate to be parallel to any surface in all arm positions
- Multiple mounting options, Desk Base, Clamp, Desk Base with Power Receptacles,
Slatwall, Wall Mount, SpaceBeam, SpaceBeam 2 and Dirtt mounts
- Finish options: Platinum, White, Black