Bonder Heat Chucks

Bonding Hot Plate used for wire bonding with full 360 deg rotation of process, this unit can be manually rotate using
the finger dial for precision location of the unit being bonded. Temperature range ambient to 200 deg C. Uniform
heat across surface +/- 1 C across the Top plate, multiple height options available. Ergonomic finger rest. Digital PID
controller Temperature controller with Alarm Band, secondary fail safe temperature cutout. Surface flatness
+/- 0.001 in. Optional Vacuum for House Hook up. Optional vacuum grid machining on top plate.

Bonder Heat Chucks HPR-6-WB PVS 360 deg Rotating Wire Bounding Hot Plate HPR-2-1/4 in dia Round Wire Bonding Hot Plate, Temperature Range Ambient to 200 Deg C