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Gibo/Kodama chairs make a statement-not only because of their style or components, but
because we design them to perform. Our chairs optimize: Comfort, Health and Productivity.

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In the competitive business world, successful companies look for an advantage. Invest in
your greatest resource, your employees, with Gibo/Kodama chairs. Your investment in their
comfort, health and productivity will give your company an edge.

Quality, Comfort, Ergonomics and Value. These words are commonly used to describe many
chairs, but they are "standards" for every Gigo/Kodama chair. Adding our ability to customize
chairs for the best possible fit takes Gibo/Kodama from common to uncommon.

Gibo/Kodama Chairs is an American owned company located in Huntington Beach, California.
We are proud to have manufactured high quality office and production chairs in the USA since

Gibo/Kodama Offers a full lineup of quality chairs for every type of work environment. With
our range of easy adjustment controls and a variety of seat and back shapes, chair heights
and adjustment features, we are able to integrate industry leading ergonomic designs and
functions to accommodate the uniqueness of each individual.

You'll find Gibo/Kodama chairs in factory production lines, biomedical labs, executive
boardrooms and offices across the nation.