Industrial Insulated Hoses

Flexible Fluid Transfer at High and Low Temperatures.

Insulated Industrial Hoses

Custom Solutions for Custom Applications:

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-Hoses Insulated with 'state of the art' insulation materials able to provide a zero-condensation
service for applications requiring flexibility

-End Fitting Configuration encapsulation providing neat and serviceable thermal barriers to
custom applications.

-Slip-on, custom built sleeve made to provide the required insulation level. Composite
constructions which can be cut from a reel to fit the application.

-Hose liner material compatible with Fluorinert / Galden coolants.


Elevated Temperatures:

-Cool to the touch Autoclave Steam Hose Assemblies.

-Heat Exchanger hoses.

-Mold Platen Heater hoses.

-Trace heated Hose Assemblies.

-Slip-on Sleeve, Custom built to achieve the desired external surface temperature.

-End Fitting Encapsulation Insulation Solutions.