Temperature Controller Assembly

STI Temperature Controllers allow for accurate Digital Temperature Control of different manufactured Hot Plates. Our
Controller units have Alarm set band of High, Low, High/Low settings, Alarm condition will cut off power to the Hot Plate.
We offer regular Temperature Controllers or Ramping Controllers. Simple operation with Two control switches, one for
Power and the other for Heat ON/OFF control. The unit works with a zero Cross over Solid State Relay and a separate
safety Alarm Relay to insure power is cut off in case of an Alarm condition. The Heat ON/OFF switch allows the Heat
to be turned OFF and will indicate the temperature of the Hot Plate while no heat is applied. Operating voltage of
120 or 220 available, up to 13 amps. Higher wattage is available upon quote.

Temperature Controller Assembly Mech-EL Temperature Controller West Bond Temperature Controller STI Temperature Controller